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What we do

We help people improve their lives through martial arts and fitness training. We are aware people have different goals for practicing martial arts. Throughout our history we have helped our members lose weight, relieve stress, develop mental toughness, become more confident, build a positive mental attitude, learn self defense, and get in awesome shape. We firmly believe that martial arts training can benefit everyone, so we make it easy for people of all abilities and fitness levels to participate.

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What others are saying

"I have been training at ATT Orlando with Paul Rodriguez full time since 2007. At the time I was coming off collegiate track & field and just wanted to stay in shape. I adapted quick to Paul's style of teaching and haven't looked back since. He is one of the few instructors that can teach you all aspects of fighting. One of the biggest things I learned is the difference in grappling for sport and grappling for mma. I am a person that is constantly trying to improve my game and every week I learn something to get better. Paul is also one of the few instructors that constantly trains with his students. I have been to many schools where the instructor just sits during grappling/sparring. I have been to a few of the top schools in the nation and because of the constant mat time Paul has giving me, I compete  well with guys at my belt level and higher. If you asked most of the coaches and instructors around central florida who they have learned from Paul Rodriguez's name is sure to come up. If you want to get in great shape and never stop learning then train with Paul Rodriguez/Att Orlando."

Julien Williams - Pro MMA fighter, Head coach Fusion X-Cel

"There are probably four or five great teams that are capable of putting out world champions and American Top Team is one of them." 

Dana White - UFC President

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We don't expect you to take our word for it. Come try us out! 

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