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Personal Training


As your personal trainer our job entails much more than simply giving you a great work out. We will work with you to constantly evaluate your progress and ongoing fitness needs. We will provide you with guidance on nutrition and healthy eating habits so you can maximize the results of our training sessions. We take the guesswork and monotony out of your fitness regiment and strive to keep our sessions fresh and energizing. Most of all we will be a positive, reliable partner on your path to being a happier, healthier person.



Training Services 


1-on-1 Fitness Training:  Completely personalized training. Weight training, cardiovascular training, flexibility work, fitness nutrition advice, body and fitness assessments. Whatever you need, that's exactly what you'll get.


1-on-2 Fitness Training:  The same great training as above, but with a friend! More affordable and more social -- still a great workout.


Total Fitness Makeover:  A 12-week program for those who need the expert guidance and accountability of a trainer, but prefer to train on their own time. Fitness and nutrition consultation, health and wellness evaluation, long- and short-term goal setting, electronic, smartphone, or printed workouts. It's like having a trainer while you work out on your own time!



All of the barriers to your success removed! 


  • Train at home, outdoors or at a private gym

  • Monthly payment plans available

  • Trainer will provide all equipment

  • Complimentary Introductory session



Getting Started - Free Consultation! 


Our trainers do not create a one-size-fits-all solution for its clients. Every client is different with unique goals and background. This consultation is required to ensure your fitness journey is as successful as possible. Among other things the consultation includes:


  • Discuss goals, objectives and capabilities

  • Assess current fitness level and questionnaire

  • Body analysis and documentation

  • Development of fitness plan and brief training session


This first contact and free trial isn't linked to any buying obligation. It's just an opportunity to make a choice with enough elements of appreciation. Let's meet and see if we the right personal trainer for YOU!


The ultimate goal for every trainer should be to teach their clients how to eventually train themselves. We understand that no client will train with us forever, therefore, to truly serve our clients we must make sure we give them the tools to continue their progress even after they've left our gym. Your initial consultation is just the first step, but it’s an essential key to success.

Get in Kick-butt shape

Release stress

Learn self-defense

Increase your Flexibility

Lose Weight

Develop a Positive attitude

Core Strength

Devolep Mental Toughness

Cardio made Fun

What are you waiting for. come try us out today!

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